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Preaching that Is Faithful to the Text

I was reading through one of my homiletics books this morning and came upon a sample sermon outline:

Really, the Bible can be made to say almost anything you want it to say. The critical question is this: Are you saying what the Bible wanted to say? For example, I heard a fine message on Luke 19:29-40 offer the following truths:

Jesus and the Donkey

  • You are like the donkey (vv. 29-30)
    • You are tied to someone other than the owner to whom you really belong (v. 30a)
    • You are still young–no one has sat on you (v. 30b)
  • Jesus commands you to be set free (v. 30c)
    • He sets you free through his disciples (vv. 31-32)
    • There will be objections when you are being freed to serve Christ (v. 33)
    • But he has need of you (v. 34)
  • Are you Christ’s donkey? (vv. 35-40)
    • Is he riding you?
    • Are you bringing praise to him?

Can this sermon be preached? Is already has been! Is it textually faithful? No! Why? Ask this critical question: Are these points what the author intended to convey and what the original audience understood through this narrative?

Richard goes on to call this type of preaching moralistic, which, says Richard, presents several problems relating to the preacher:

  1. You do not really need Scripture to come up with such instruction.
  2. Every text becomes an illustration of a higher moral principle.
  3. Your preaching lacks textual authority.
  4. Such interpretation lacks objective controls.
  5. The central proposition of your sermon is not discernibly related to or derived from the central proposition of the text.

The Preaching of False Teachers

Bruce Waltke commenting on Micah 2:6 in The Minor Prophets: An Exegetical and Expository Commentary edited by Thomas McComiskey states:

A badge of false teachers is their distorted preaching on only God’s love and never on his wrath and judgment. Preaching half-truths, they lead the populace to death. True prophets must preach the whole counsel of God (644).

Martin Poses a Question About Expository Preaching

A question concerning the authority of Scripture and expositional preaching | Worship, Music, Culture, Aesthetics – Religious Affections Ministries.

The question stems from the sola scriptura argument which argues that the Bible contains all the Christian needs for faith and practice—the Bible is the sole authority. If that argument is true, how can one argue so dogmatically that expository preaching is the best method to deliver God’s Word to God’s people?

Martin poses this question in an effort to point out what seems to be an inconsistency with conversations on music. Namely, there is no verse in Scripture which directs expository preaching, just as there is no verse in Scripture which directs certain music. Yet one argument (expository preaching) is maintained while the other (position on music) is excoriated.

It is an interesting questions, one that I had not considered before.