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Beginning Another New Chapter: A Brief Update

Most are aware that my ministry in Monclova, Ohio was ended for me last week. There are not many details to discuss, and I would not outline them in this format anyway. What is important now is that God is in control, he is always good, his way is always best. It is not my place to understand the why of right now. I must acknowledge that in God’s providence he controls the free acts of men and their circumstances toward his end. I am confident that my faith will grow through this. My earnest request is that I will be able to wisely lead my family in this trial. I know God will meet our needs.

In seeking the Lord’s leading, I have already been in contact with men I know, taking their counsel on what to pursue next. I can only do what I can do and trust the Lord to provide. Thank you for praying.

Personal Update

I have been quite busy of late, working as many as 50 hours a week and finishing the coursework for the last class to complete my second master’s degree. Add to that I have been without my Macbook for a month. (I thought there was a hardware issue but it turned out to be nothing.) This post is a brief, personal update for those who continue to pray for me and my family.

Earlier this week I received a phone call from the contact of a church we visited earlier this summer. They are ready to have me come candidate. I will take my family to the church the weekend of November 6. We like this opportunity, which is for the senior pastorate of a small church. I covet your prayers for this weekend. Here is what you can pray for:

  • God’s wisdom for both the church and me as we contemplate the future together. Because of our visit earlier this summer, there is not much that would prevent us from taking this opportunity were the church to extend a call.
  • Humble preparation on my part. My desire is to accurately communicate who I am and how I would do things were I to pastor this church. My desire is to be a servant to them.
I am trusting in God’s leading through this. May he be glorified!

The Easiest Decisions

The easiest decisions are the ones that others make for you. Such is the case for the ministry that Rhoda Jane and I visited this past weekend. We had reservations about moving forward. When I called yesterday to express my concerns, the representative for the church decided that it was best to move in a different direction. Honestly, I was a bit surprised, but I trust the Lord’s leading. May God be glorified in that ministry!

There are a few other ministries with which I am speaking. Please pray that God would grant both them and me wisdom as things progress.

Long Weekend

Brief update . . .

We just returned from a candidating weekend at a church in Wisconsin. I’ll not divulge the name or location of the church yet. From my perspective, it is not the ideal situation, but I must concede that our ideals often do not match God’s plan anyway. We enjoyed our time getting to know the ministry as best we could. Now we have much thinking to do. Rhoda Jane and I will spend the next few days discussing our perceptions and impressions, praying continually for the Lord’s mind. I am seeking to make a wise decision for me, my family, and my ministry for the Lord. I am trusting God to lead me in the way I ought to go.

Today Was A Day Off

Brief update . . .

The past two weeks have been extremely busy. I have been working on two seminary classes, finding a job, moving my family to Minnesota and settling in, and finding new ministry. Here are some bullet points of what has been going on:

  • Last night I finished a questionnaire that I have been working on for close to a month. It was a good questionnaire and ended up at 15 pages of text total. While I desire to serve in every ministry with which I interact, this particular ministry finds more desire in my heart than the others.
  • Last night I also had an essay exam in one of my classes, which took the better part of the evening to study for and complete. Along with the exam last night I’ve been reading an incredibly long commentary of the Minor Prophets

Though my work load will not slow down any time soon (I start my job tomorrow), I took today off from any major projects. I did some blog reading, Bible reading, and had some theologically stimulating conversations with my father-in-law. I also spent some time with the girls and just watched some TV.

Next on the docket:

  • Complete questionnaires for three churches
  • Continue seminary course work. The two classes I’m in now end April 29. The projects for those classes are due in May, but I start two more online classes in May.
  • I anticipate working 20-30 hours a week through May, then it will pick up to as many hours as I want through the summer.
  • I anticipate visiting at least two ministries in May. That will involve time in travel, but should not involve personal expense.
  • Rhoda Jane and I are active in our church in New Ulm. I have taught in Truth Trackers and given some recommendations, which my pastor solicited, in some areas of the ministry. We’ve enjoyed learning and loving the people.

To those who have been praying, thank you. God is good. Grace and peace be multiplied to you in the Lord.