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On Mormonism

Mormonism is once again in the news. Namely, one of the Republican presidential candidates, Mitt Romney, is a professing Mormon. Recently, a prominent Baptist pastor from Texas made a comment about Mormonism being a cult. I forget the context but the comment was attached to Rick Perry so it became political news.

I don’t want to get in to the political questions about voting for a Mormon (or a Catholic, or a Secularist, or an Atheist). What I do want to suggest is that Mormonism is, indeed, a cult. I understand that there are different meanings for cult that include sociological and political considerations. I am speaking in a theological context. Theologically, Mormonism is a cult; Mormons are not Christians. If you are interested in further consideration on what Mormonism is and how it is a cult, here are a couple links:

Mormonism 101 by Kevin DeYoung (recommended)

“Mormons Aren’t Christians” Is Not an Epithet (This article is more focused on a response to a specific issue)