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Housekeeping: New Site

I was content to continue this free blog indefinitely. I found out, however, that WordPress adds ads to the bottom of blog posts published under their free site. I never saw them, which is likely due to an ad blocker on my browser (highly recommended). Ads are understandable on free services, though, but I still don’t like that I can’t control them.

Since I have a choice, one that is still free for now, I have begun and plan to post there, suspending the action here. Most of my traffic comes from Facebook, which means that almost all the readers of this blog don’t need to care. But there’s the information anyway.

In the new site, I have incorporated a family site for my wife to populate with videos and information (HT to my friend Andy Naselli and his web designer for the idea). It is public for now.

See you over there!

Preventative Care is Cheap! (Dental)

Last night, as I was getting ready for bed, I got a math bug. I wondered how much floss I could buy with $700, which is the cost of a crown. Here’s my math:

  • Each package of floss contains 43.7 yards of floss and costs $3.37
  • The last time I had a crown put on, it cost over $800, but let’s take that number for the calculation
  • Assuming my math is correct (see below), if I used two-thirds of a yard (.6) for each floss and flossed three times a day, every day, I could floss for over 15-and-a-half years before I had spent enough on floss to cover a crown.

Caveats: (1) This scenario is a bit simplistic because more may go into dental care than floss (e.g., tooth paste, tooth brushes, and mouth wash). (2) Floss does not necessarily prevent the kind of decay that brings the need for a crown. (3) I’m not a mathematician, so my calculations may be off.


Math: [cost of root canal]/[floss unit cost]=[number of units/root canal] • [floss/unit]*[number of units/root canal]=[total length of floss/root canal] • [total length of floss/root canal]/([est length/use]*[3 uses/day]/[365 days/year]=[number of years of floss/root canal]

Each year SoundForth puts out their newest CD during BJU’s Bible Conference. Tonight’s concert, which is how they premiere the CD, looks to be interesting.

My Two Cents

steadfastFaithCD.jpgTonight at around 8:50pm SoundForth has its annual concert at BJU’s Bible Conference to introduce their new CD, Steadfast Faith. You can watch the concert via livestream at

This year’s project is a bit different, featuring male students (10 Men) rather than a full choir. I’ve heard several of the selections, and I’ve enjoyed them very much. Three hymns from are on the CD (Holy, Mighty, Worthy; My Jesus, Fair; and His Robes for Mine). Here’s some more information about the project and the CWM hymns:

  • You can hear demos and order the CD (save $3.95 between March 21-23) here.
  • You can download the CD or individual tracks here.
  • You can get the SATB for My Jesus, Fairhere and the TTBB here.
  • You can get the SATB for His Robes for Minehere and the TTBB here.

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Beginning Another New Chapter: A Brief Update

Most are aware that my ministry in Monclova, Ohio was ended for me last week. There are not many details to discuss, and I would not outline them in this format anyway. What is important now is that God is in control, he is always good, his way is always best. It is not my place to understand the why of right now. I must acknowledge that in God’s providence he controls the free acts of men and their circumstances toward his end. I am confident that my faith will grow through this. My earnest request is that I will be able to wisely lead my family in this trial. I know God will meet our needs.

In seeking the Lord’s leading, I have already been in contact with men I know, taking their counsel on what to pursue next. I can only do what I can do and trust the Lord to provide. Thank you for praying.

New Year and A New Chapter

I am so happy to announce that the Lord has led me to a new ministry on the pastoral staff of a local church. The account of the circumstances is quite interesting and I will write on it at some point in the near future. In the mean time, my wife and I begin preparations for the move.

All glory to my Master for His grace.