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Each year SoundForth puts out their newest CD during BJU’s Bible Conference. Tonight’s concert, which is how they premiere the CD, looks to be interesting.

My Two Cents

steadfastFaithCD.jpgTonight at around 8:50pm SoundForth has its annual concert at BJU’s Bible Conference to introduce their new CD, Steadfast Faith. You can watch the concert via livestream at

This year’s project is a bit different, featuring male students (10 Men) rather than a full choir. I’ve heard several of the selections, and I’ve enjoyed them very much. Three hymns from are on the CD (Holy, Mighty, Worthy; My Jesus, Fair; and His Robes for Mine). Here’s some more information about the project and the CWM hymns:

  • You can hear demos and order the CD (save $3.95 between March 21-23) here.
  • You can download the CD or individual tracks here.
  • You can get the SATB for My Jesus, Fairhere and the TTBB here.
  • You can get the SATB for His Robes for Minehere and the TTBB here.

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Beginning Another New Chapter: A Brief Update

Most are aware that my ministry in Monclova, Ohio was ended for me last week. There are not many details to discuss, and I would not outline them in this format anyway. What is important now is that God is in control, he is always good, his way is always best. It is not my place to understand the why of right now. I must acknowledge that in God’s providence he controls the free acts of men and their circumstances toward his end. I am confident that my faith will grow through this. My earnest request is that I will be able to wisely lead my family in this trial. I know God will meet our needs.

In seeking the Lord’s leading, I have already been in contact with men I know, taking their counsel on what to pursue next. I can only do what I can do and trust the Lord to provide. Thank you for praying.

New Year and A New Chapter

I am so happy to announce that the Lord has led me to a new ministry on the pastoral staff of a local church. The account of the circumstances is quite interesting and I will write on it at some point in the near future. In the mean time, my wife and I begin preparations for the move.

All glory to my Master for His grace.

Links On Two Topics: Abortion and Homosexuality

I came across two interesting posts recently. Both posts are in the genre of “How I Wish the Conversation Would Go”, and proceeds with a mock interview on the topic. I found them interesting:

How I Wish the Homosexuality Debate Would Go

How I wish the abortion-for-rape debate would go

On Mormonism

Mormonism is once again in the news. Namely, one of the Republican presidential candidates, Mitt Romney, is a professing Mormon. Recently, a prominent Baptist pastor from Texas made a comment about Mormonism being a cult. I forget the context but the comment was attached to Rick Perry so it became political news.

I don’t want to get in to the political questions about voting for a Mormon (or a Catholic, or a Secularist, or an Atheist). What I do want to suggest is that Mormonism is, indeed, a cult. I understand that there are different meanings for cult that include sociological and political considerations. I am speaking in a theological context. Theologically, Mormonism is a cult; Mormons are not Christians. If you are interested in further consideration on what Mormonism is and how it is a cult, here are a couple links:

Mormonism 101 by Kevin DeYoung (recommended)

“Mormons Aren’t Christians” Is Not an Epithet (This article is more focused on a response to a specific issue)