Housekeeping: New Site

I was content to continue this free blog indefinitely. I found out, however, that WordPress adds ads to the bottom of blog posts published under their free site. I never saw them, which is likely due to an ad blocker on my browser (highly recommended). Ads are understandable on free services, though, but I still don’t like that I can’t control them.

Since I have a choice, one that is still free for now, I have begun and plan to post there, suspending the action here. Most of my traffic comes from Facebook, which means that almost all the readers of this blog don’t need to care. But there’s the information anyway.

In the new site, I have incorporated a family site for my wife to populate with videos and information (HT to my friend Andy Naselli and his web designer for the idea). It is public for now.

See you over there!

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