Preventative Care is Cheap! (Dental)

Last night, as I was getting ready for bed, I got a math bug. I wondered how much floss I could buy with $700, which is the cost of a crown. Here’s my math:

  • Each package of floss contains 43.7 yards of floss and costs $3.37
  • The last time I had a crown put on, it cost over $800, but let’s take that number for the calculation
  • Assuming my math is correct (see below), if I used two-thirds of a yard (.6) for each floss and flossed three times a day, every day, I could floss for over 15-and-a-half years before I had spent enough on floss to cover a crown.

Caveats: (1) This scenario is a bit simplistic because more may go into dental care than floss (e.g., tooth paste, tooth brushes, and mouth wash). (2) Floss does not necessarily prevent the kind of decay that brings the need for a crown. (3) I’m not a mathematician, so my calculations may be off.


Math: [cost of root canal]/[floss unit cost]=[number of units/root canal] • [floss/unit]*[number of units/root canal]=[total length of floss/root canal] • [total length of floss/root canal]/([est length/use]*[3 uses/day]/[365 days/year]=[number of years of floss/root canal]


One response to “Preventative Care is Cheap! (Dental)

  • Canadianbudgetbinder

    I love this and the math! Awesome, I’m going to share this with my Facebook Fans. I don’t think many people realize how preventative Dental care is SO cheap compared to what you would potentially pay out of pocket if you needed a Krown you like mention. I asked our Dentist and a Krown is around $900-$1000.

    Not everyone in Canada has benefits that even cover a Krown. I know the wife and I are very picky when it comes to our teeth and we use all of our benefits every year. For the most part we have no major problems and that’s simply from reg brushing,flossing and reg check ups!