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Links On Two Topics: Abortion and Homosexuality

I came across two interesting posts recently. Both posts are in the genre of “How I Wish the Conversation Would Go”, and proceeds with a mock interview on the topic. I found them interesting:

How I Wish the Homosexuality Debate Would Go

How I wish the abortion-for-rape debate would go

On Mormonism

Mormonism is once again in the news. Namely, one of the Republican presidential candidates, Mitt Romney, is a professing Mormon. Recently, a prominent Baptist pastor from Texas made a comment about Mormonism being a cult. I forget the context but the comment was attached to Rick Perry so it became political news.

I don’t want to get in to the political questions about voting for a Mormon (or a Catholic, or a Secularist, or an Atheist). What I do want to suggest is that Mormonism is, indeed, a cult. I understand that there are different meanings for cult that include sociological and political considerations. I am speaking in a theological context. Theologically, Mormonism is a cult; Mormons are not Christians. If you are interested in further consideration on what Mormonism is and how it is a cult, here are a couple links:

Mormonism 101 by Kevin DeYoung (recommended)

“Mormons Aren’t Christians” Is Not an Epithet (This article is more focused on a response to a specific issue)


Personal Update

I have been quite busy of late, working as many as 50 hours a week and finishing the coursework for the last class to complete my second master’s degree. Add to that I have been without my Macbook for a month. (I thought there was a hardware issue but it turned out to be nothing.) This post is a brief, personal update for those who continue to pray for me and my family.

Earlier this week I received a phone call from the contact of a church we visited earlier this summer. They are ready to have me come candidate. I will take my family to the church the weekend of November 6. We like this opportunity, which is for the senior pastorate of a small church. I covet your prayers for this weekend. Here is what you can pray for:

  • God’s wisdom for both the church and me as we contemplate the future together. Because of our visit earlier this summer, there is not much that would prevent us from taking this opportunity were the church to extend a call.
  • Humble preparation on my part. My desire is to accurately communicate who I am and how I would do things were I to pastor this church. My desire is to be a servant to them.
I am trusting in God’s leading through this. May he be glorified!