At It Again

And I’m blogging again. Kind of. At some point in the future, I want to use this as a medium for teaching and interacting with thoughts of the day in Christianity. Right now, though, I merely want to keep people up to date on my situation and thoughts.

This site will be limited to thoughts on Christianity, theology, and other areas that affect ministry and community life. While I may occasionally post something of a personal nature, by and large that information will be limited to here where my wife keeps people up to date on my family.

One more note: The comments on the blog will remain closed for the time being. While I agree that interaction is a good sharpening tool, I do not have the time to interact or monitor comments—not to mention deal with the insane amount of spam that comes through. I’m sympathetic to Dave Doran‘s thoughts on comments. Of course, comments can be posted on Facebook, and I’ll interact with those. Perhaps some day there will be time for comments on this blog.


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