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The Preaching of False Teachers

Bruce Waltke commenting on Micah 2:6 in The Minor Prophets: An Exegetical and Expository Commentary edited by Thomas McComiskey states:

A badge of false teachers is their distorted preaching on only God’s love and never on his wrath and judgment. Preaching half-truths, they lead the populace to death. True prophets must preach the whole counsel of God (644).

Riley — Corrupt Affections are the Soil of Heresy

Corrupt affections are the soil of heresy.

What is interesting to me is the connection he makes with the training of children. The church has trained them to be sentimental. Sentimentalism (the overemphasis of emotions) in the church makes it easier for Christians to find something with which they feel comfortable rather than which accords with truth from Scripture.

If you are unfamiliar with the discussion about Rob Bell, google it. I particularly suggest this review. It’s long (and I haven’t read the whole thing), but it’s been summarized elsewhere and seems to be a good one.

Martin Poses a Question About Expository Preaching

A question concerning the authority of Scripture and expositional preaching | Worship, Music, Culture, Aesthetics – Religious Affections Ministries.

The question stems from the sola scriptura argument which argues that the Bible contains all the Christian needs for faith and practice—the Bible is the sole authority. If that argument is true, how can one argue so dogmatically that expository preaching is the best method to deliver God’s Word to God’s people?

Martin poses this question in an effort to point out what seems to be an inconsistency with conversations on music. Namely, there is no verse in Scripture which directs expository preaching, just as there is no verse in Scripture which directs certain music. Yet one argument (expository preaching) is maintained while the other (position on music) is excoriated.

It is an interesting questions, one that I had not considered before.

So Many Choices, None of Them Mine

Because I have so many people praying for me, I wanted to give an update on some specifics of my ministry search. This post summarizes what I have been doing in the ministry search and how specifically I desire the Lord to work in my life. I am not going to give specifics (names and locations) primarily because I do not have permission. I trust this post is helpful in giving insight to how the Lord is working in my ministry search.

As I said in a previous post, I have been engaging my network since I resigned. My network consists of ministry friends, state association representatives, and alumni placement services. I depend on these sources to pass along my information to a ministry or refer me to ministries who are looking for staff. Continue reading

Bob Bixby on the FBFI and Fundamentalism

Frontline Fundamentalism & Me: The Irony of the Irony « Pensees.

Most of the time I appreciate what Bob says, and even agree with it. His wit is evident as always. I’m not “read in” as much on what he’s talking about here. Partly because I haven’t taken the time to understand all of it; mostly because I haven’t been around long enough.